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Twitter pre-recruites 20 jobs and attracts hundreds of applications

Elon Musk has fired hundreds of humans considering that taking on Twitter, however that doesn`t seem to have affected the enterprise’s appeal, with its modern day task posting drawing masses of candidates.

“Hard core” however excessive wages, Twitter pre-recruited 20 jobs and attracted masses of packages

On Sunday, neighborhood time withinside KEYCHAINS IN BULK the United States, Twitter published statistics on approximately 20 pre-hiring positions at the expert networking web website online LinkedIn. These openings cowl a huge form of engineering and layout roles, from web, iOS, and Android engineering positions to product layout positions and extra. Meanwhile, the enterprise has eleven task openings indexed on its task page.

All task advertisements, however, country that the positions presently constitute only “destiny opportunities” to paintings at Twitter. “Please observe that those task postings aren’t immediate hires, however rather invite candidates to publish packages early for destiny interview opportunities,” Twitter wrote on LinkedIn and the enterprise’s website.

But unexpectedly, dozens of humans have already carried out for numerous of the positions. On LinkedIn, Twitter has visible extra than 500 packages for an open function for a software program engineer. A Twitter spokesperson did now no longer reply to a request for comment.

Twitter has in large part been in shambles Mobile Accessories Manufacturers considering that Musk’s acquisition. Musk has taken some of cost-reducing measures on Twitter, together with continuously rating and firing personnel, reducing blessings consisting of loose lunches, relaxation days and telecommuting.

Just closing month, Musk laid off hundreds of humans, approximately 1/2 of of the enterprise’s workforce, and extra than 2,000 extra resigned. Hours after he took over Twitter, he straight away fired numerous pinnacle executives, together with former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.

Musk then issued an “ultimatum” to the final personnel, outlining his so-called “Twitter 2.0” vision, which requires personnel to accept “intensive, lengthy hours” or quit. It is mentioned that this circulate brought on extra than 1/2 of of Twitter’s extra than 4,000 final personnel to leave.

But there are symptoms and symptoms that Twitter’s layoffs are reversing. Last week, Musk shared presentation slides he made,QR Code Generator one in all which read “We’re Hiring.”

In task advertisements on LinkedIn, annual salaries variety from $142,000 to $200,000 for software program engineers with at the least 3 years of labor experience, and $243,000 to $338,000 for senior software program engineers with extra than 9 years of experience . The common income for a software program engineer in San Francisco is $108,603 a year, in step with task seek web website online Glassdoor.

Twitter personnel can also gain from enterprise inventory. In November, Musk reportedly stated in an inner memo shoes for men that Twitter personnel could nonetheless obtain inventory alternatives as a part of a “non-stop reimbursement plan.” The billionaire additionally stated “exquisite amounts” of stocks could be offered to “notable personnel”.

Dwarf Fortress is no longer the most popluar game this year 2022

whilst Tarn and Zach Adams, the 2 creators of Dwarf Fortress, had been children, their father labored in sewage control simply east of Sacramento withinside the Seventies and 80s. Specifically, Tarn explains over Zoom, their dad become the man who “added computer systems to sewage remedy plants,” supporting digitize the size of factors like “flows, digesters, bacteria,” and grossest of all,play baby games “activated sludge.” For everyone even vaguely acquainted with the strikingly complicated agreement sim this is Dwarf Fortress, those may want to plausibly be additives of the sport. Alas, regardless of the network calling for the implementation of poop mechanics for years (test out any range of discussion board threads at the challenge such as “Sanitation Abstraction” and “On poopsmithing and urine”), the brothers have not begun to relent. Excrement, to this day, stays a straight “nope,” Tarn says. Manure, though, is a opportunity — “in view that manure could be very useful.” Within the Dwarf Fortress network, poop and urine are mentioned in rarefied tones Within the Dwarf Fortress network, poop and urine are mentioned in rarefied tones. People have taken into consideration the manner they is probably used for crop fertilizer, dye for clothes, and organic warfare. Mostly, though, gamers need a sewage system, any other complicated mechanic to manipulate amid a recreation packed with many different complicated, overlapping systems. This must let you know the whole lot you want to recognise approximately the silliness and seriousness of Dwarf Fortress, a recreation with a easy sufficient premise that quick turns into some thing however. At its outset, you’re given a handful of dwarves whose aim is to mattress into the earth and make a home.frozen games You dig down slowly, carving out a nook of cavernous paradise. Your dwarves love ingesting beer, however in addition they get sad. (You would possibly fairly ask if theyre alcoholics.) You do your first-rate to lead them to satisfied, however lifestyles is complete of huge and small challenges. Indeed, a fave word amongst the sports lovers is “dropping is fun.” Before long, your earthen accommodations will fall, be that on the fingers of a vampire, famine, or possibly maximum tragically, a burst aquifer that floods your labyrinthine wonder. Since its launch in 2006, Dwarf Fortress has been a hardcore pursuit for 2 number one reasons: its ASCII pictures and shortage of in-recreation tutorials. Booting up the authentic model for the first actual time stays certainly considered one among gamings maximum disorientating experiences. At its outset, you generate a procedural international, even though that is treated in a different way from maximum different games. A timeline whirs at the left-hand facet of the display screen as a map shifts and shimmers withinside the middle. Mountains ascend from the earth most effective to be eroded via way of means of rivers and empires upward push and fall, leaving at the back of most effective crumbling ruins.
This is the primary manner Dwarf Fortress imparts a feel of “context vertigo.” Once the arena has been generated, you pick your vicinity in it — in which you would love to construct your bearded dwellersbase. Now, you have to start to parse the mass of arcane ASCII icons — austere, yes, however filled with a veritable deluge of virtual information. You might also additionally see a international teeming with procedural opportunity even as additionally beginning to sense the prickle of a headache. Like many others, I by no means found out to play this model. I become flawlessly satisfied admiring it from afar. “The cognitive load of the sport is so high.” Tanya Short, co-founding father of Kitfox Games, the employer publishing the new edition of Dwarf Fortress, felt a comparable manner. In 2014, she attended a workshop on the sport in Montreal, gaining knowledge of its fundamentals for some hours (digging the cave, developing mushrooms), however whilst she barbie cooking games were given home, she hit a brick wall. “The cognitive load of the sport is so high,” Short tells me over Zoom. “When a person become retaining my hand, I may want to wade in… [but] the cognitive load of looking to boot it up [on my own] become too high, it become too scary, and it felt greater like work, despite the fact that its theoretically most effective 30 seconds of readjusting your intellectual landscape.” Now, however, with the newly accessible — and substantially cute — pixel artwork pictures, that “cognitive load is gone — its dissipated,” Short says. “Its only a recreation now.” Indeed, Short counts herself the various goal demographic for the new edition: “We name them the Dwarf Fortress curious.”
Tarn admits that the ASCII pictures had been “jogging out of steam a touch bit.” For all their dense computational splendor and the manner wherein they facilitate fast development (previously, the pair by no means needed to fear approximately an artist manufacturing pipeline), the 255 icons at their disposal posed limitations. “Every person has been used quite much, and numerous them are duplicated,” Tarn says. “If you could inform a goblin wrestler from a goose from a mountain goat, you’re doing it via way of means of context or via way of means of the use of the appearance command, that’s bulky withinside the textual content model.” If youre confused, dont fear — I become, too. “Those are all white G`s,” Tarn clarifies.

Now, a mountain goat is a pixel artwork model of simply that and a goblin wrestler is, well, a goblin wrestler (who, befitting the intensity of the sports simulation, is capable of have children). The venture, Tarn says, wasnt developing a number of artwork to fit the eye-watering array of variables the sport can spit out (the dwarf became “nailed immediately,” at the same time as versions of hair and, simply as importantly, beards got here collectively obviously over time). Rather, it became in representing the sports subterranean space. “The venture became, how do you show this 3-d surroundings while youre doing 2D slices?” he says. The instance Tarn affords is for ramps. A factor of bewilderment withinside the authentic model, ramps required an upward triangle being positioned subsequent to a wall and the gap above the ramp being loose. “There`s 4 tiles that should come collectively to make the ideal ramp,” he says. “Now, we’ve got a large ramp tile set that suggests hills pointing in exceptional directions. It works however it took a long term to land on that.”

“They are prompted with the aid of using the craft, the potential, and the dream of creating some thing new.”

With Tarn and Zach now no longer wishing to address the paperwork of an real recreation studio, a part of the publishing deal concerned Kitfox recruiting the important artists and composers, lots of whom have been lively members in the Dwarf Fortress community. Short admits this became a “nerve-racking” process. “You dont need to appear to be youre gambling favorites,” she says. “Its weirdly political, right?” Barring one unlucky incident related to plagiarized paintings (which ended in over 10,000 sprites being scrapped), operating with such modders has in any other case been a highly superb experience. “Theyre very exceedingly technically competent. They have a tendency to be very collaborative and really communicative,” Short continues. “And yet, they`re now no longer prompted with the aid of using cash. They are prompted with the aid of using the craft, the potential, and the dream of creating some thing new.”

You ought to describe Tarn and Zach in exactly the equal terms, builders who, withinside the regularly entrepreneurial area of indie recreation improvement, are as near punk rockers because it gets. Since 2006, Dwarf Fortress has been a loose recreation, the pairs livelihood sustained simplest with the aid of using donations crafted from a web page tucked away in a nook in their internet site after which through Patreon. Prior to signing with Kitfox, they have been DIY possibly to a fault, the cash from such donations sufficient to stay on (ranging everywhere among $3,four hundred to $8,181 in keeping with month, in keeping with this Vice article) however little extra. Then, some years ago, Zach gotten smaller pores and skin cancer, having to dip into non-public financial savings to cowl what his medical insurance didnt. The Steam model, then, is a method of presenting Tarn and Zach, forty four and 47, respectively, with a diploma of security — budget for a “very wet day,” as Tarn places it. “We dont expect any fantastic modifications withinside the destiny as to how this united states is structured,” he says. “[So] we should discern it out for ourselves, what were gonna do, and this [the Steam and Itch version] looks as if the nice answer for us.”

A screenshot of the new edition of Dwarf Fortress.
Image: Kitfox Games
Judging with the aid of using the 4,072 (and counting) opinions already racked up on the sports Steam web page (a respectable if obscure indication of a recreations sales), the gambit is paying off. Thanks to the releasing impact of the extra user-pleasant visuals and interface, a brand new crop of gamers are already experiencing procedural testimonies of the sort they’ve possibly simplest heard approximately on forgotten pages of the net or withinside the Moria-esque depths of forums. One of those is possibly Boatmurdered, an epic successional recreation related to gamers from The Something Awful Forums whose bothered castle became plagued with the aid of using murderous elephants earlier than finishing in a match of madness. Perhaps your tale might be much less hilariously bombastic, unique due to one little dwarf who captured your heart. Perhaps this dwarf might be immortalized as a piece of artwork with the aid of using the buddies and own circle of relatives who outlived them.

“We have a tough choice among economic system and boats.”

Death can be an inescapable reality of each existence and Dwarf Fortresssimulacrum however, as Tarn makes clear, the Steam free games online model doesnt sign whatever near an end. New capabilities will keep apace, simply as they’ve for the beyond sixteen years. Indeed, with a unmarried breath, Tarn rattles off a decade-spanning to-do list, finishing with what feels like each a maddening philosophical dilemma and a nightmare of planning. “We have a tough choice among economic system and boats,” he says. “Boats are very essential to make the economic system paintings. Economy could be very essential for boats to have a cause to be there. Do you do all of it at once?”

Such a query is indicative of a recreation that Tarn likens to a balloon whose floor region simplest will increase as you blow it up. “If you upload some thing to the sport, it interacts with nearly each different system, and also you cant placed all the ones interactions in, so that you store a few and phone it the subsequent improvement arc. Weve were given plans that remaining 15, 20 years, and therell simply be extra after that,” Tarn says. “Thats some thing you consider as well. Do you need the undertaking to keep? Do you need to byskip it directly to somebody? Do you need to byskip it directly to everybody? We havent made choices there approximately how or what were going to do with it. I mean, were now no longer sincerely the form of human beings that could simply sort of squirrel it away and throw it in a vault somewhere. Well see what happens, however we`ve nevertheless were given paintings to do.”

Keywords Promotion Mistakes That Your Should Avoid

You`ve heard approximately App Store optimization and the way it may improve your downloads, so that you did a few studies, made some adjustments in your app’s call and key-word listing, waited a few greater, and… nothing.

Is this situation acquainted to you?

Many builders inform me the identical thing, and I constantly reply the identical manner: a success App Store Optimization is an artwork in addition to a science. Many builders use app keep optimization, and there’s a manner for it to paintings on your app. However, it’d assist in case you labored to buy android installs discover it.

To help you to your seek, I’ve compiled a listing of the maximum not unusualplace errors I’ve visible builders make, so that you can keep away from them early and get greater from your ASO.

  1. Ignoring ASO
    Have you ever heard of the acronym ASO? You now have it. Meet the attraction this is App Store Optimization. This is a high-quality aggregate of cautious studies and natural guesswork to growth your app’s visibility. ASO achievements can assist your app upward push quicker in pinnacle charts and seek results, growing downloads.
    There are facets to optimization: running with app texts and visuals. We’re mainly interested by app texts those days.

Text optimization consists of key-word studies, title, and subtitle for Apple, quick description for Google, and lengthy description for each stores. The keep’s algorithms be aware of those fields, examine them, and determine whether or not or now no longer the app need to be located on the shop for diverse seek requests customers kind into the hunt bar on GP or AP.

  1. Focus an excessive amount of on emblem key phrases
    To be honest, selling the app for emblem key phrases is each highly-priced and doubtlessly ineffective. Assume you need to discover the “League of Legends: Wild Rift” recreation and also you kind this key-word into the quest bar at Google Play or AppStore. Of course, the unique recreation will take the pinnacle spot, however the listing of apps on each shops carries 250 apps, so there’ll absolutely be different comparable apps at the listing.

But the query right here is whether or not real natural customers will down load the decrease-ranked apps, abandon the unique recreation, and occupy the pinnacle positions. We can probable recommend that the sort of opportunity exists and that a few customers have already performed League of Legends: Wild Rift and would love to attempt a few different comparable games. But, in any case, we can not are expecting whether or not this may arise or now no longer,ios revenue sharing and we have to now no longer deny it.

Essentially, focusing completely on emblem key phrases in key-word studies and merchandising might also additionally result in a useless end. On the only hand, the legit emblem app gets more or less 70-80% of the visitors for emblem key phrases. On the opposite hand, even when you have a comparable app this is cool, the app will maximum possibly in no way be withinside the pinnacle 1, wherein the bulk of visitors is, as I formerly stated. The 1/3 difficulty is that even in case you try and sell the sort of key-word, it’ll take a number of time and money, and it is going to be hard to hold the positions because of the competitiveness.

You might also additionally surprise what I will provide in the sort of case, and what key phrases I will listen on. You can nevertheless goal excessive-frequency, famous key phrases, however for different emblem-associated games, it’s miles higher to goal a few trendy key phrases.

Also, maintain in thoughts that low- and medium-frequency key phrases aren’t continually destructive to merchandising. Of course, you need your recreation to rank excessive for famous key phrases, however it’s miles nevertheless viable to rank excessive for visitors-boosting key phrases which might be much less aggressive. One of the maximum essential guidelines is to combine and sell the app for distinct seek requests in place of focusing completely on aggressive key phrases. Less famous key phrases are typically less complicated to sell, so the value could be decrease due to the fact fewer installs and time are required.

three. Do now no longer behavior key phrases studies permanently
Essentially, key-word studies is step one you, as an app developer, should take earlier than growing texts and shifting directly to App Store Optimization. Keyword studies is greater than simply compiling all the requests associated with your app right into a unmarried file; it’s also approximately analysis. Typically, it takes 5-6 hours to acquire 150-2 hundred key phrases for the app in a single location and most effective 2-three hours to create all the texts. While accumulating key phrases to your recreation, hold the subsequent in mind:
Consider how natural customers will locate your app
Create a brainstorming consultation with a group
Examine your competitors
Make use of ASO tools
Before consisting of key phrases on your text, take a look at their popularity

  1. Ignoring app reputation: app rankings & evaluations
    To be honest, lots of us can also additionally trust that evaluations and rankings haven’t any bearing at the technique of key-word promotion. That isn’t always the case. The set of rules operates withinside the equal way as in-app activity. The save appears on the app`s typical score and evaluations and comes to a decision whether or not the sport ought to boom in rankings. Of course, the sport can also additionally rank better for requests even though the app score is three, however it’s far lots less difficult to enhance the app with a score of 4.5. Positions of apps with excessive rankings usually upward thrust quicker as well. So earlier than beginning the key-word promotion, make certain that your recreation has a very good score on this united states of america in addition to evaluations.
    app rankings and evaluations
    It is essential to paintings with evaluations and apprehend at the least the essential standards to help you get hold of greater fine comments. The maximum not unusualplace mistake is while you, as an app developer, do now no longer reply to evaluations or most effective reply to three of them as soon as a month. You should reply to all evaluations, each fine and poor.
    For fine evaluations, thank the consumer for his or her comments and kingdom which you admire it and can be thrilled if the consumer keeps to play the sport. What ought to you do approximately poor comments? Responding to poor evaluations with politeness will help you in growing consumer loyalty. Finally, evaluations and your responses make contributions to the app’s reputation, which ought to be monitored daily.

Google Play Keyword Ranking Algorithm how to work

Google is constantly updating its set of rules. After the app is placed on Google Play, what key phrases will have an effect on the google play rating set of rules to your app? Here we speak the key-word assessment regions and optimization factors concerned withinside the seek rating set of rules withinside the app keep.
Google Play Keyword Ranking Algorithm

“Searching through subject matter calls for now no longer most effective truly indexing the utility through question terms, however additionally know-how the subjects associated with the utility. Machine mastering techniques had been implemented to comparable problems, however achievement in large part relies upon at the quantity of schooling examples To study apps. For a few famous subjects like “social networks”, we’ve many tagged apps for mastering, buy keyword app installs however maximum subjects have only some examples, and our mission is from a confined quantity of The schooling examples study and increase to tens of thousands and thousands of programs protecting hundreds of subjects, forcing us to evolve to our gadget mastering technology.”

Google`s article explains that after they first attempted to construct gadget mastering algorithms that might offer appropriate outcomes for those huge-ranging searches, they used deep neural networks, however the outcomes had been now no longer as appropriate as the brand new utility discovery they wanted, however they had been produced over time. The equal utility responds to considerable searches, now no longer new programs.

Google`s new strive is to make this procedure extra just like the manner human beings study and apprehend language and phrase institutions. This new strive makes use of the Skip-gram version, which could expect associated phrases given the enter phrases. Google’s new version creates a so-called “classifier” for any given phrase to create a listing of many classifier relations, and in the end create {app, subject matter} institutions. In the brand new replace, Google can even depend on non-gadget mastering efforts through permitting humans to assess the nice of the outcomes.

ASO World app rating provider

Click “Learn More” to pressure your apps & video games commercial enterprise with ASO World app advertising provider now.

Skip parsing
According to the Tensor Flow document, at the left are a few instance relationships among phrases, that are decided through Skip-Gram analysis.

Google`s purpose is to create an set of rules that may generate an inexpensive courting among key phrases (which includes and proportion}), and through analyzing utility metadata and consumer interactions, to generate the first-class outcomes for a given key-word. Related programs, even supposing the utility lower back is emblem new. In addition, Google’s set of rules need to be capable of study new phrases (for instance, selfies, flick, etc.), and be capable of set up new institutions with those phrases and different phrases and programs.

It appears that in spite of a few untimely generalization issues, Google continues to be operating to enhance the huge variety of seek outcomes for Play Store customers. It is thrilling how those modifications play a function withinside the key-word rating (and download) of all Android apps.

Bottom line: Since 50% of Play Store searches are categorized as “large” (e.g., selfie apps) instead of app names, Google makes use of gadget mastering plus guide enter to enhance the app key-word rating set of rules whilst customers use large searches. The cappotential to go back to associated programs is used to find out new programs. This might also additionally suggest that the Play Store key-word rating is set to extrade significantly.

Google Play natural seek key-word insights
Next, let`s discover extra records approximately natural app marketing, Google Play seek key phrases and proportion our applicable insights.

  1. Google Play natural key-word statistics analysis
    When optimizing primarily based totally on statistics, it’s miles extra prudent to first examine the statistics as some other key factor withinside the basic plan, and to apprehend the regular primary selections earlier than making herbal seek key phrases.

First of all, 2021 mobile app marketing & app store optimization aso lots of Google Play Console seek statistics is hidden in “different”, the latter may be very opaque, and might disguise the lengthy tail terms composed of unmarried phrases, therefore distorting the full contribution margin of a unmarried phrase; whilst urgent ARPU/reserve. This is mainly risky whilst reading rates. Expanding the date variety is a manner to study extra approximately “different,” however there are nonetheless lots of phrases hidden on this bucket.

Second, the statistics isn’t always damaged down through country, so it’s miles tough to make clear local trends, mainly whilst thinking about the not unusualplace language used among countries. This can be an possibility for ASO gear to offer a few sort of NLP mapping to in shape the desires of the country/region, however this could be a less than perfect technique and might cause a lower withinside the accuracy of local analysis.

A secure region to begin the use of Google Play`s natural perception statistics is to report seek time period statistics inside some weeks and redouble your funding in optimizing seek key phrases, that are constantly gift withinside the seen phrase listing week after week Strong influence. By comparing whether or not your goal key phrases seem on this listing, herbal seek insights also are a exquisite manner to validate your current ASO method (however watch out for the “different” category).

  1. The key-word grouping of apps and the place of associated apps are of exquisite importance in Google Play ASO
    Due to the excessive quantity of installs from the Google Play browser, the achievement of ASO is carefully associated with the apps you discover for the ideal key-word classes and associated apps, or even extra crucial than the displayed outcomes. On the proper seek key phrases.

Unfortunately, even though Google gives new visibility for the herbal insights of seek key phrases, Google does now no longer offer a commensurate granularity to discover natural traffic, which includes key-word groupings or associated apps that reason your app to be viewed/downloaded . In view of the set of rules-driven (ie continuously changing) nature of exploration, it will likely be a frightening assignment for ASO to preserve cognizance on suggestions/associated programs and key-word grouping; however, it seems that those statistics are accurate for ASO Optimizing its Google Play ASO method is crucial. At least the achievement of metadata optimization and UA focused on conquest/app (to growth the probability of yours.

  1. Google Play random key-word insights ought to be evaluated subsequent to key-word rating
    One of the demanding situations of studying natural key-word seek insights is that in the term you’re analyzing, the conversion price can also additionally and could vary primarily based totally in your utilitys rating of keywords. If you dont tune key-word scores along your natural seek key-word data, the insights you benefit can be out of context and jeopardize your decision.

For example, seeing a small quantity of installers for key-word seek can also additionally motive ASO to deprioritize the key-word; however, if the key-word ranks one centesimal and draws loads of downloads, it’s miles without a doubt May be a extraordinary key-word to hold to optimize.

  1. For big programs, putting in contribution margin tilt in Android is greater than exploring on iOS
    The closing maximum thrilling locating is that through randomly sampling apps, we determined that the Play Store (natural) exploring the supply of big apps normally generates better set up visitors than searches. In a few cases, the installs generated through the make the most are 100-300% better than the installs from the Play Store (natural) seek supply.

This may be very unique from the fashion of the iOS App Store. In the fashion of the iOS App Store (besides for the “peculiar Today” utility function), the “App Store browse” supply kind gives a great deal fewer utility devices than the App Store seek.

There are 4 primary points:
1) Both Apple and Google are interested by controlling the discoverability of programs which have been located to draw person interest (ie, excessive down load speeds, excessive conversion rates, however additionally ratings/retention rates/revenues).

Neither Apple nor Google appear to care approximately smaller apps (except they need to make cash from UAC or Search Ads Basic).

2) Google proved that even though Apple did its first-class to replace iOS 11 (for example, editorials, “Today” tags, cut up video games and programs, utility categories, etc.), Google is higher than Apple in programs (in particular big programs). (Program) has greater manipulate over the discoverability. ). At this factor, Google is likewise greater inclined to play its function withinside the pursuit of manipulate. For example, the Google Play Store consists of effective key-word grouping and programmatic recommendations for programs withinside the utility/sport view, and almost countless scrolling, at the same time as Apple truncates its utility/sport features to aid greater person-pleasant Experience, and the “-y” layout style.

3) Perhaps maximum importantly, as the bigger price range releases greater surfing/surfing returns, the fulfillment of ASO maintains to comply with the direction of “spending cash to make cash”, which money owed for an growing proportion of recent downloads and searches Big.

4) The closing factor can also additionally contain the entire macroeconomic issue (Eric Seufert?), however one of the motives Google sees fulfillment right here can be because of its test in remodeling Play Store UX.

For Apple and Google, over time, as the 2 organizations hold to optimize their manipulate of discoverability (and their very own checkbook), the proportion of downloads from the browser/browser can also additionally increase.

  1. The conversion price of Google Play Organic Explore is a great deal better than that of iOS App Store surfing
    The fourth factor is the very last discovery. This is the very last discovery of the fourth factor. This is that the conversion price of surfing sources from Google Play isn’t a great deal decrease than that of Google Play seek. In fact, in a few cases, we determined that Explore has a better conversion price than seek. In the case we’ve seen, the retention price and ARPU additionally appear to be strong.

The end drawn from this discovery is that it seems that Googles Play Store app discovery set of rules is similar to figuring out Googles unique innovation: key-word seek, that can perceive customers who want sure programs, or is near it.

In view of this, the mixed benefits of UAC paid utility discovery and Google Play Store surfing discovery can also additionally sooner or later end up the turning factor for the enterprise to confront every other opponent: Facebook. Although forcing app advertisers to apply UAC is a large amount of money for Google in lots of ways, they fear that Facebook has finished extraordinary fulfillment in attracting cellular advertising budgets, however that is a pre-emptive movement and it offers Google greater time (And data) to educate it. When Facebook`s cellular advertising prowess takes to the air on every other “S-curve” with its deployment, value-primarily based totally similarity and event-optimized marketing campaign positioning withinside the industry, the set of rules will take off end up higher.

Google`s gadget gaining knowledge of set of rules has the precise gain of gaining knowledge of from natural discovery and paid discovery, which Facebook does now no longer have, and through enforcing UAC on advertisers, Google’s set of rules gaining knowledge of velocity has doubled and the catch-up velocity has increased. Even exceeded Facebook. In addition, through education customers withinside the Play Store to click on on relevant/advised apps (i.e. “explore”), Google has accelerated the location of UAC to greater places withinside the Play Store (i.e., “explore”), thereby growing Lock in revenue-pushed behavior.

Survey shows that 1/3 of consumers support stopping the sale of gasoline vehicles by 2030

A few days ago, Polestar officially released the latest research results. The results show that 34% of consumers are in favor of stopping the sale of fuel vehicles in 2030.

Polestar: Survey shows that 1/3 of consumers support stopping the sale of gasoline vehicles by 2030

Nearly half of Australians (44%) plan to buy an electric vehicle within 10 years, with a quarter planning to buy within five years, the survey showed. Nearly half (48%) of respondents want to ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles from 2035. More than a third (34%) of consumers want to ban the sale of petrol vehicles from 2030.

The survey, conducted by GlobeScan and funded by Polestar, surveyed 18,000 ordinary people in 19 countries in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia, and the sample was designed to be nationally representative across all demographics. As a publicly traded EV brand, from Polestar’s perspective, the findings clearly benefit the brand.

It is worth mentioning that in the Polestar survey, consumers from China ranked 8th among 19 countries in their support for stopping the sale of fuel vehicles, while the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has exceeded 70% of Norwegian consumers. , the support rate for stopping the sale of google play downloads fuel vehicles ranked second from the bottom of the 19 countries.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath believes a global ban on petrol vehicles must come soon: “With only 1.5% of vehicles on the road today being electric, it’s clear that we’re living in an electric vehicle bubble, not Electric vehicle boom time. More importantly, automakers must act now, not wait for policy changes.”

IT Home has learned that Polestar currently produces two electric vehicles – Polestar 1 and Polestar 2. From 2022, Polestar will launch a new pure electric product every year, Polestar 3, Polestar 4 and Polestar 2. Star 5 is already planned.

Tencent’s market value has plummeted by 4 trillion yuan

A string of share buybacks by Tencent Holdings Ltd. failed to revive investor confidence in the online gaming giant, whose shares are approaching 2018 lows.


Tencent, China’s most valuable company by market value, spent nearly $1 billion buying back shares in the past month, bringing this year’s total to $2.3 billion (16.2 billion yuan), the data showed. Tencent’s share repurchase pace began to pick up after major shareholder Prosus NV said at the end of June that it would gradually reduce its stake in Tencent.

According to foreign media calculations, although Tencent bought the company’s stock every day this month, its stock price has fallen by more than 60% from its peak in January 2021, and its market value has decreased by about 580 billion US dollars (about 4.1 trillion yuan), becoming the largest market in the world. The stock that has evaporated the most from global market capitalization since then. Factors such as macroeconomics have become the main obstacles facing Tencent.

Tencent’s buyback is difficult to reviews apps prevent the stock price from falling

“Tencent is under pressure from major shareholders to sell shares, and buybacks have worked, but not enough support,” said Banny Lam, head of research at CEB International Investment Corp. “It still needs some policy support from the government to be able to turn things around.”

Tencent’s second-quarter revenue suffered its first-ever decline as the company grappled with macroeconomic conditions affecting its main business. Despite the approval of the new game, investors remain skeptical about the company’s growth prospects and the sell-off of Prosus. Prosus said on September 8 that it had sold 1.1 million shares of Tencent, reducing its stake to 27.99%. A previous filing also showed that Prosus sold more than 3.9 million Tencent shares in the first half.

There are rumors that Tencent is considering divesting more of its sprawling portfolio in an attempt to fund a series of share buybacks and refocus its growth strategy. In this regard, Tencent responded that there is currently no plan or timetable for reducing its shareholding.

The world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered train line opens in Germany

Recently, Germany has opened the era of “hydrogen trains”, and a batch of Coradia iLint hydrogen fuel cell trains have entered passenger service along the 100% hydrogen route in Lower Saxony.

Following successful operational trials, a fleet of 14 Coradia iLint hydrogen fuel-cell trains will enter passenger service in Lower Saxony, Germany, by the end of 2022

The passenger service trial started in September 2018 and lasted almost two years with just two trains. Now officially in public service and expanded to 14 trains, the project was designed by Alstom engineers at the regional train facility in Salzgitter, Germany, and the Traction Systems Centre in Tarbes, France. They are purchased by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Transport and are owned by the state-run Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen mbH (LNVG) railway bureau, which in 2012 started looking for alternatives to diesel locomotives and has committed to buying only non-diesel (hydrogen fuel cells or batteries) from now on electric) trains.

The world’s first hydrogen-powered train line starts operation in Germany: only discharges steam and condensed water, with a maximum speed of 140km / h

The hydrogen-powered train is produced by French company Alstom, which has been developing hydrogen-powered battery trains since 2013. The train is equipped with hydrogen fuel tanks and batteries. The way it works is that the hydrogen emitted from the tank on the roof reacts directly with the oxygen in the air to generate electricity, which is then stored in the battery and used as power for the train.

Officials say that 1 kilogram of hydrogen fuel for this car can get the power equivalent to 4.5 kilograms of diesel fuel. As long as the fuel tank is filled with hydrogen once, it can travel up to 1,000 kilometers, with a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour and a normal speed of 80-120 kilometers per hour. Moreover, the train is not only relatively quiet, but also has no exhaust gas, and only emits steam and condensed water.

The trains will be refilled daily at Linde’s hydrogen filling station in Bremervörde, which has 64 high-pressure (500 Bar) gas tanks, 6 compressors and 2 fuel pumps. In the future, hydrogen is planned to be produced on-site through “electrolysis and regenerative power generation”.

Five Coradia iLints are currently in operation, with the remainder expected to join the fleet by the end of 2022, replacing the 15 diesel trains running on the network, saving an estimated 1.6 million litres of diesel and 4,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

IT House understands that Alstom’s hydrogen-powered train plan does not stop in Lower Saxony, the company has also contracted to provide 27 Coradia iLint hydrogen fuel cell trains for the Frankfurt metropolitan area and 6 Coradia for the Lombardy region of Italy Stream hydrogen trains and supply more than a dozen Coradia Polyvant hydrogen trains to different regions of France. The company has also carried out operational trials in Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.

Twitter formally sues Musk to force completion of $44 billion acquisition deal

Twitter Inc formally sued Elon Musk on Tuesday, accusing him of violating an agreement to buy the company for $44 billion, and asking a Delaware court to order Malaysia SK completed the merger agreement at an agreed price of $54.20 per share.

Twitter formally sues Musk

▲ Twitter formally sued Musk

“Musk clearly believes that, unlike all other parties bound by Delaware contract law, he is free to change his mind, disrupt the company, disrupt its operations, damage shareholder value, and then leave.”

Twitter listed Musk’s “long list” of violations of the merger agreement, which it said “cast a shadow over Twitter and its business.” Twitter shares fell to $34.06 a share on Tuesday, well below the $54.20 offer Musk made in April.

The lawsuit, which promises to be one of the largest legal battles in Wall Street history involving one of the most charismatic entrepreneurs in business, will hinge on rigid contract language. On Friday, Musk said he would terminate the deal because Twitter violated its agreement by not responding to information about fake or spam accounts on the platform, which is critical to its business performance.

Amazon Prime Day sale disappoints shoppers: Discounts are lower than last year

According to reports, shoppers ready to buy “bargains” may find Amazon’s Prime Day sale unimpressive this year, as many sellers are trying to minimize discounts at a time when costs are soaring.

This year’s Prime Day sale kicks off on Tuesday and Wednesday, a summer clearance sale designed to make room for new items during the Christmas shopping season. This year, Amazon is doing its best to keep consumers interested.

Amazon said it will offer “millions of great deals” this year, including the lowest prices ever on its iconic products. For example, an Alexa-based Echo Dot smart speaker costs just $17.99, and a 50-inch Amazon Fire TV costs $99.99.

“Amazon is well aware that it needs to ramp up discounts on its iconic products to grab attention,” said Kristin McGrath, a shopping expert at deal-tracking site

Amazon launched its Prime Day sale in 2015 to attract interest from Prime members who paid $139 a year. The number of Amazon Prime members stagnated at about 172 million as of June 30 this year, unchanged from six months ago, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. This suggests that Amazon’s $20 price hike for Prime subscriptions announced in February has put consumers off.

This year is also a merchant on, being very stingy when it comes to discounts for the second year in a row. Prime Day is primarily seen as an opportunity to clear aging inventory, said Tim Seward, principal at e-commerce consultancy ROI Revolution. About 60% of Seward’s 160 customers will be offering deals, but the discounts aren’t huge.

“Many brands are discounting less than they were in 2021 due to higher costs,” Seward said. “However, it’s still a good opportunity to clear inventory.”

Shoppers will still spend on Prime Day. Research firm eMarketer expects U.S. consumers and global consumers to spend $7.76 billion and $12.52 billion, respectively, on Amazon during the two-day sale, an increase of about 17 percent from a year earlier.

Analyst Andrew Lipsman said consumers were flocking to Amazon for deals on some household staples, despite the impact of higher gasoline prices and inflation. “Consumers still have money and are looking for deals, which should give Prime Day some boost,” Lipsman said.

At the same time, Amazon has to contend with stiff competition from rivals such as Walmart and Target. On Prime Day, shoppers are used to hopping from site to site in search of the best deals, and Amazon’s previous top spot has faded.

Some brands, which once tripled their usual Prime Day sales this year, are expected to drop to about double their usual levels this year, according to Chris Bauserman, chief marketing officer (CMO) at e-commerce software company CommerceIQ. .

Still, Bowserman said: “It’s still a can’t-miss event. It’s just slowing down.”

Chad Rubin, founder and CEO of ProFasee, which sells pricing software, said many Amazon merchants opted out of the Prime Day sale to protect their profits. They thought it would be too costly to offer deep discounts on this cluttered site and then pay higher advertising fees.

“A lot of our customers aren’t participating. They want to protect profits,” Rubin said.

Internet fitness platform Peloton announces it will stop producing bicycles and treadmills: will outsource hardware, focus on content

According to reports, the US Internet fitness platform, sports equipment manufacturer Peloton announced today that it will stop the production of bicycles and treadmills, and turn the production task to partners to simplify operations and reduce costs.

“We believe this and other initiatives will allow us to continue to reduce the cash burden on our business and increase our flexibility,” said Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy.

Peloton was once the darling of the epidemic, but as the epidemic improved and the government eased related restrictions, Peloton’s inventory began to swell, and many users canceled subscriptions, causing Peloton’s business to plummet.

In premarket trading today, Peloton shares fell as much as 1.8%, but then bucked the trend and rose 1.4%. The reason is that Peloton announced that it will extend its partnership with Taiwan’s Rexon Industrial (Lishan Industrial Co., Ltd.), which will become the main manufacturer of Peloton hardware products.

Earlier this year, under pressure from an activist investor, Peloton changed its CEO and announced price cuts and massive layoffs. Peloton CEO McCarthy warned in May that the company’s lack of capital, rising inventories and rising costs could lead to huge losses in the quarter ended June.

Meanwhile, Peloton also said today that it will suspend operations at Tonic fitness facilities until the end of the year. Peloton acquired Tonic in October 2019.

McCarthy said in February that Peloton would focus on content. The magic of the Peloton, he says, is its digital screen, not a connected bike or treadmill. Expanding the digital community and enhancing content could make Peloton “a very fast-growing, very high-margin business.”

McCarthy also emphasized that Peloton is “a connected fitness company, not a bicycle company.”